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Take Charge of Your Health! Part 1

Take Charge of Your Health! Part 1

Join Dr Elisabeth Philipps for this CPD accredited webinar on:

Take Charge of Your Health! Part 1: A Comprehensive Naturopathic Guide to Understanding Disease Progression.

Wednesday 1st March 2017 4pm for an investment of only £10

One of the most pervasive themes we find throughout the world today is that chronic disease is on the rise and poor health or disease is often viewed as a “battle” to be overcome with medicine and medical procedures. However, we believe, that the over reliance on modern medicine may actually be disempowering people from their health; leading them away, rather than propelling them forward, from the ultimate goal of amazing health and vitality.

There are of course times when medical intervention is necessary but nurturing our host resistance and biological terrain through addressing and maintaining physical, emotional and energetic needs is a much more beneficial healing journey. So how can we view the process of disease in such a way as to raise our vitality to a place where poor health will struggle to take hold?

Join Nutritional Therapist Dr Elisabeth Philipps PhD for our 60 minute CPD* accredited naturopathic webinar where she will:

  • Effectively address the root cause of illness by connecting the classical naturopathic philosophies with contemporary scientific understanding
  • Provide a modern naturopathic framework for understanding disease progression
  • Provide practical guidance on the nutrition and personal lifestyle modifications that are essential foundation stages of any successful naturopathic programme

This comprehensive webinar will help you to understand the true holistic benefits of preparing the body for healing by addressing naturopathic principles that are at the heart of the process of dis-ease. A full set of scientifically referenced slides and recording of the webinar are included in the investment price.

*2 CPD points from the FNTP and NNA when viewing the live webinar


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