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Why Nutrigold?

Nutrigold was founded by experienced naturopaths and researchers seeking to provide high quality nutritional supplements that evoke the traditional philosophies, blended with the evolving science of nutritional medicine.

Dr Lawrence Plaskett B.A. Ph.D., C.Chem., F.R.I.C is now retired, but was a founding influence in the company and the co-founder of the College of Dietary Therapy and founder of The Plaskett College of Nutritional Medicine, which later became the original Thames Valley University Nutritional Medicine BSc course. Barbara Wren DHD was the co-founder of the College of Dietary Therapy and founder of The College of Natural Nutrition. Their progressive influence remains a key part of the DNA of Nutrigold, their education programmes and supplements although they have retired from the company. A new generation of experts in naturopathic nutritional therapy now includes Dr Elisabeth Philips PhD alongside Antony Haynes BA RNT, Christine Bailey MSc RNT and Sally Duffin BSc Nutr Med.

Nutrigold continues to distinguish itself as a company that provides supplements formulated by experts who press for careful integration of nutrient bioavailability, supplement effectiveness, safety and price advantage – a challenge that we are proud to continually deliver to you, the consumer, in easily absorbed and utilised formulas that meet the specific needs associated with living in the western world. Our products support health maintenance, and can be combined with therapeutic lifestyle changes to help you recover lost wellness and vitality.

Over the years we have also become well known as one of the leading nutritional research companies in the UK, promulgating strong links with the education and promotion of naturopathic nutrition in the UK. Our free Nutritional Update Service delivers nutritional research, including regular information on the profession’s regulations including herbal laws and MHRA decisions for active practitioners, directly to your desktop. The Update service also offers a wide compendium of other free consumer and practitioner services including an A-Z on how to nutritionally support ill health through optimum nutrition and a useful range of scientifically referenced newsletters by Dr Plaskett PhD and our Nutritional Expert Team. We also keep you up-to-date on all the latest changes to the RDAs, RNIs and USLs for food supplements plus evaluations of the more recognised nutrient and medicinal drug interactions.

We hope you find our services and products useful to promote better vitality for all.

Assuring you of our best attention at all times.
Yours sincerely
The Nutrigold Team