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Webinar by Kirsten Chick - How and Why We Need To Support The Bodys PH Balance

Webinar by Kirsten Chick - How and Why We Need To Support The Bodys PH Balance

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The webinar will address:

The pH of different parts of the body

- alkalising refers primarily to the cells
- the digestive tract and other mucous membranes need to be slightly acidic
- pH of the stomach
- pH of the blood

The importance of the correct pH balance in the body

- enzyme production and metabolic processes, including digestion and metabolism of foods
- hormone and prostaglandin production
- bringing oxygen into the cell for use in aerobic respiration

What creates acidic conditions in the body

- natural cycles and conditions
- pollutions and toxins
- medication
- diet

How the body maintains a correct pH balance

- kidneys and lungs
- buffer systems

What happens when we become too acidic

- reduced ability to digest, absorb and metabolise foods
- pressure on routes of elimination
- aching joints, itchy skin, mucous production
- fatigue, lethargy and lack of mental clarity
- endocrine/hormonal imbalance
- osteoporosis
- allergies and chronic disease

How to measure our own pH

- urine and saliva tests – pros and cons
- how you feel on all levels: stagnant, toxic, lacking energy vs. clear, energised, connected and firing on all cylinders

Which foods are acid-forming and which are alkalising?

- pH of ash one way to measure
- Hermann Aihara: Ca/P levels, Na/K levels, our ability to fully digest foods
- General rules of thumb
- Possible exceptions to bear in mind, e.g. fruit, grains

How to balance your pH

- gentle, balanced approach
- include a range of supportive nutrients
- benefits of potentially acid-forming foods, and why to include them
- suggestions for a sensible approach – what to include and what to avoid
- recipe ideas

Using alkaline water, juices, alkalising drops, supergreens, bicarbonate of soda

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