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CPD Webinar - Essential Guide to a Successful Detox 2016

CPD Webinar - Essential Guide to a Successful Detox 2016


This webinar is now available to purchase as a recording for only £10!

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We hear the term “detox” used in many ways, especially relating to our health. It’s a phrase that is bandied around within the health industry and often appears in the media around the New Year with phrases such as “New Year, New You”. There are also some in the media and medical health industry that deride the concept of detoxification as being a fad, as well as a waste of time and money. However, we live in an increasingly toxic world so the need to regularly support the body’s natural detoxification processes should be an important part of our lives.

But what does the term “detox” actually mean? Some use detox as a vague way to describe eating more healthily, avoiding junk foods and maybe taking specific supplements. However, detoxification processes are comprised of crucial cellular pathways, especially within the liver, that need to function efficiently to remove the numerous endogenous and exogenous toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis. A true detoxification process also requires removal of the toxins from the cells and ultimately out of the body via elimination pathways such as the digestive tract, kidneys, skin and lungs. This means we need to understand that the term “detox” is far more than superficial use of a fad diet in order to support health and wellbeing and is, in fact, a profound biochemical and energetic process supporting the body’s ability heal at a deep cellular level.


Join Elisabeth for this CPD accredited Nutrigold webinar where she will guide you through a successful naturopathic detox programme and help dispel any myths that detox is akin to a fad diet. Topics include:


·         Understanding the concept of cellular toxicity – what is it and how is this detrimental to all areas of our health?

·         Understanding the scientific process of detoxification – the systems and organs involved.

·         The benefits of naturopathic detox regimes.

·         Practical guide to carrying out a successful naturopathic detox programme (including full nutritional regime) - what is involved in a successful detox programme, when should you do them and how often.

·         Supplements to support detoxification including vitamins and minerals, gut bacteria supplements, gut supporting botanicals and alkalising greens powders.

This comprehensive webinar will help you to understand the true holistic benefits of a considered detox regime and how to implement a successful, scientifically researched naturopathic detox programme. A full set of scientifically referenced slides and recording of the webinar are included in the investment price.


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