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mastering the menopause

mastering the menopause

A Practical Guide to the Subtle Art of Detoxing 

The New Year is so often promoted as the time to ‘detox’ after the indulgences of Christmas.  But is this really the best time to undertake a deep cleanse?

Our bodies are detoxing every single day as each cell takes in nutrients and gets rid of wastes.  However, poor nutrition and a stressful lifestyle can compromise our detox pathways leading to an accumulation of toxins in the body, which in turn increases the risk of dis-ease developing.

Adding gentle supportive techniques at particular times of the year in tune with Nature’s rhythms can bring about cleansing and enhanced detoxification, thereby easing the toxic load and uplifting vitality.

Join Nutritional Therapist and Nutrigold Tutor Sally Duffin on Wednesday 18th January 2017 at 4pm for our 60 minute fully CPD accredited webinar ‘A Practical Guide to the Subtle Art of Detoxing – How, When and Why to apply this powerful Naturopathic Approach’.

You will learn;

  • The relevance of effective detoxification for health and wellbeing
  • How our detoxification pathways work
  • The links between poor toxin elimination and a wide range of health condition
  • When to suggest a detox plan and when to avoid it!
  • Practical naturopathic nutritional techniques for supporting safe, comfortable and effective detoxification


With so many chronic diseases on the increase it really pays to understand how effective detoxification can support optimum health and wellbeing.  Join us on Wednesday 18th January to find out more and deepen your knowledge and confidence in this fascinating subject.

Register now for this fully CPD accredited webinar by following the links on the website or calling the Nutrigold office on 0845 603 5675.  The investment price is £10 – places are limited so book today!


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